Our jewelry is produced using exclusively precious metals, specifically 18k gold, 9k gold and 925 sterling silver.

All of our jewelry contains a stamp indicating the precious metal that each piece has been produced in. Our 18kt gold jewelry is stamped with "18K" or "750", our 9kt jewelry is stamped with "9K" or "375" and our gold vermeil & gold coated styles are stamped with "925" due to their sterling silver base. 


We work directly with carefully selected manufacturers to produce and curate our jewelry. We manufacture in small batches to minimize waste and ensure high production standards, while allowing us to continually introduce new styles into our collection. One of our main suppliers is a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), the world-leading organization for setting supply chain integrity and sustainability standards in the jewelry industry. Our remaining suppliers are family-owned businesses with a dedication to responsible social and environmental practices.


By working directly with manufacturers, cutting out any middlemen, and selling primarily online, we are able to offer high quality jewelry with an accessible price tag. We keep our operations lean and avoid unnecessary mark-ups in order to give our customers (you!) fair pricing on all of our pieces.


Eco-Friendly Packaging: Our packaging is recyclable, and made from FSC®certified cardboard & water-based glue. Our jewelry pouches are produced using fair trade cotton.

Recycled Gold & Silver: We use recycled gold and silver in our jewelry where possible, which has 1/3 the carbon footprint of mined equivalents. Currently, 33% of our styles have been produced using recycled metals, which you can identify with the 'Ethical Choice' badge on our product pages. 

Sustainable Diamonds: All of our diamonds are lab grown (no mining here!), ensuring their background is traceable, conflict free and environmentally friendly. Lab grown diamonds have the identical chemical make-up, texture & appearance of mined diamonds, giving you the same quality & sparkle along with peace of mind.


Golden Days is a new company with hopes for a brighter & more sustainable future. We are learning as we go, and are continually re-evaluating our business in order to to minimize our environmental impact & keep our customers happy. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, ideas, or suggestions you may have on what else we can be doing.  We would love to hear from you!