Layering Like A Pro

How To Layer Necklaces

The layered necklace trend is here to stay, but choosing the right combination of necklaces can be tricky. Fear not, we’ve created a simple guide to help you layer necklaces like a pro.

Our Golden Rules Of Layering:

1. Choose different lengths: Pairing necklaces with different lengths creates a tasteful combination by allowing each piece to shine without over-crowding. Necklaces with adjustable lengths are great for this, or you can opt for a chain extender to diversify your look.

2. Have one focal point: Choose one statement necklace to act as a centerpiece for your look. Let this necklace shine while the other necklaces support it.

3. Mix-up textures & weights: Combining chunky necklaces with skinny chains, or textured pieces with single pendants, will add variety & interest to a layered necklace look.

4. Start simple: There is no magic number when it comes to layering, but for those new to the world of layering, 2-3 necklaces is a perfect number to experiment with!

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